The Truth About Office Cleanliness

From the outside it may seem that an office environment is very clean and tidy. However, most offices contain different people who have different levels of personal hygiene. In addition, combined with the large number of people who use the various facilities on offer, an office environment can create an ideal place for bacteria to breed. Indeed, viruses and germs are usually found in some of the places that you would least expect. However, implementing an effective cleaning regime can have a dramatic effect on the health of your employees. A high level of bacteria or germs in an office environment could lead to an epidemic of sickness, influenza or the common cold which can all spread quickly in such an environment, forcing employees to take time away from work.

Dirtiest item in an office

It is in the best interest of an organisation to always keep a clean and healthy environment within the workplace to stop staff sickness and to prevent low productivity. However, it seems that one of the dirtiest items which are found in everyone’s office could also be one of the most surprising. Office phones have been found as the dirtiest items in an office, especially because they come into regular contact with a number of pairs of hands during the work day. Indeed, germs and viruses which are found on the hands are easily spread around an office environment by touching the phones.

Preventing ill-health

Naturally, given the number of bacteria which live in an office environment as well as the level of spoken communication through office phones, the transfer of diseases is commonplace. However, several other pieces of office equipment also create the ideal environment for viruses and germs to breed. Indeed, as well as office phones items including computer keyboards as well as public water coolers are all potential areas where exposure to dangerous germs, bacteria and viruses can occur.

Supplying cleaning materials

In order to prevent the spread of germs, viruses and bacteria in an office environment several techniques can cut the level of unhygienic behaviour by employees as well as to remove dangerous levels of bacteria from the office. If you are an employer, you must offer a working environment which is clean while protecting your employees from illnesses that are easily transferred in a dirty working environment. Organisations can make sure they have the correct cleaning materials which are found by searching for online cleaning supplies companies which specialise in providing several high-quality antibacterial products including sanitary wipes and alcohol-based hand wash.

Regular cleaning

To prevent the spread of illnesses in the workplace it is important to cut the number of germs and viruses which can breed in an office environment by preventing employees who are sick from coming into work. In addition, staff members must regularly clean their keyboards and office phones with antibacterial cleaning materials. Furthermore, a staff policy to prevent employees from sharing phones should also be implemented to keep a healthy work environment.

If possible, as an employer try to educate your staff by displaying signs to remind all employees of personal hygiene and keeping a healthy work environment.